Recommendation Letter 7

Heritage Wesleyan Church, Rock Island, IL

Dear Joanne,

WOW! What a wonderful weekend! We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your ministry at Heritage. From the beginning to the end, the Lord used you to draw people to Himself and we're so grateful.

Like I told you, I often find women speakers more "fluff" than I'd like. And it's hard to get a speaker who is good at laughter as well as the serious stuff! But you are very unusual in all of that! You're far more than "fluff" and you're wonderful at keeping people awake and interested. Plus, you use laughter and the Word so effectively. AND you have a precious anointing from the Spirit. Perhaps that's the most important aspect of your speaking, (combines with the Word, of course!)

When all of that is combined, God truly uses you. Thank you for your willingness to be used!

Our comments were outstanding and positive. People just loved you.

I hope things went well at the memorial service for your mom. I prayed for you, knowing that you'd be especially tired.

I'm sending some info of yours to the Indiana District of the Wesleyan Church. They may call you.

Have a great week -- and a great year. Let's contact each other once in a while, okay? And thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

In His Love,


Patty Bray
Women's Ministries Director

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