Recommendation Letter 3

Bible Fellowship Church, Ventura, CA

October 22, 2001

Joanne Wallace
1825 SW Coast Ave
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Dear Joanne:

I hope this finds you resting after your speaking engagement in Alaska. I thought of you many times this weekend as I reflected back on our incredible time with you in Solvang. I was reminded over and over again of how God's designs and purposes extend beyond what we can begin to imagine. Only God could have known four years ago when BFC asked you to come how perfectly suited you would be to speak at this retreat at this particular time in the life of our church.

We had such a positive response to the weekend! The evaluations and verbal feedback have been outstanding; the women loved your messages and appreciated your transparency. As I sat in the back of the room and considered what some of these women have been through in their lives, it was very evident why God brought YOU to minister to us. One woman whose husband recently left her told me that she came back a changed person from the retreat. She unwillingly attended and felt very hopeless about her future. When you got up to speak the first night, she knew you must be talking directly to her! She came home with a new dream. Even her ex-husband noticed that she was different and wondered if she'd met another man! This is one of many wonderful stories of how God worked through you. We had more than 70 women indicate that they made some type of spiritual decision and have a team who is following up on each person this week. It truly was a time of healing for individuals as well as the church.

I want to thank you for making your messages so personal, relevant, and focused on our eternal Hope. We appreciated the time that you made yourself available to the women before and after your talks. Thank you for all that you gave to us through your godly example and humble attitude. You were a joy to serve with! May God continue to refresh you and keep your heart close to His as you serve Him.

With much love,


Lori Hahn
Director of Women's Ministry

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